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Cause of sealing failure of rubber seal

Date: 2018-7-23 14:16:09 From:SPRSEALS

In the hydraulic transmission system, all kinds of components and mechanisms are in a closed state. It is difficult to check if problems occur, and this kind of fault is mostly due to the failure to stop after one of the components is damaged. Seals are the focus of protection of engineering components and hydraulic systems, so its reliability has often become the focus of engineers. Rubber can be used as an important sealing material because of its strong compressive and anti denaturation, and can prevent leakage of pressure medium. At present, rubber sealing technology has been applied in the high and new technology industries such as aerospace and petrochemical industry in China. Therefore, the requirements for the adaptability of rubber to environment are very high. In order to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment, the staff must attach great importance to the design and development of rubber seal structure. Because many times, because of the unreasonable rubber material or structure, the seal fails, which has a great negative impact on the engineering operation. This paper elaborates on this problem in order to provide some reference and reference for strengthening the safety and rationality of rubber seal design.
The forms of seal failure of rubber seals are mainly as follows:
1) aging. As time goes on, the strength, compression resistance and denaturation of seals gradually decrease, and rubber seals become hard or brittle.
2) wear, because the seal is mainly used in the rotating machinery, there will be scratches on the surface, and there are grooves with different depths.
3) damage, sealing lip deformation, surface damage, local fracture, eventually leading to seal failure.
4) twist, the rubber ring seals are partially reversed, with grooves or protrusions.
5) expand, the lip of the seal starts to soften, stick or partially peel off.
6) ablating, the seal of the seal is carbonized, the supporting ring is ablated, and the rubber seal is invalid.

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