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Sealing principle of hydraulic seals

Date: 2018-7-23 14:25:29 From:SPRSEALS
The oil seal combined type O seal is usually made of rubber sealing material. The sealing ring is simple in structure, good in sealing and small in friction. It can be used for linear reciprocating and rotary motion, but more for stationary seals, such as pipelines.
The seal of the oil cylinder cover and the cylinder sleeve. Or for low grade, non key devices.
The fatigue of hydraulic equipment always exists in daily operation, so the operation process needs to be stopped and checked regularly. The cylinder of the cylinder seal often needs professional maintenance, repair and maintenance to improve the self service life of the cylinder seal.
Life and seal performance. Then, what is the proper maintenance and repair work of the cylinder rubber seal?
1. the hydraulic cylinder of the seal needs to change the hydraulic oil regularly, clean the filter screen and ensure the cleanliness standard.
2. the use of oil cylinder equipment must adjust the system temperature to avoid affecting the service life of seals.
3. we need to exclude the air in the system, and preheat the various systems to avoid oil cylinder failure.
4. Follow up the bolts and threads of each connection system regularly to avoid loosening.
5. and pay attention to the oil parts to maintain lubrication, to avoid dry friction;
6. Protect the outer surface of the piston rod so as to prevent the damage to the seal from bumping and scratching, and cleaning the dust on the dust ring of the cylinder's dynamic seal and the exposed piston rod.

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